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Arts, Heritage, & Archives

Bathing house on the Gorge, ca. 1935


In Saanich the Municipality works in partnership with local artists, community associations, cultural organizations, and businesses to nurture community identity.

Heritage Hauling the polar axis to the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, ca. 1915 (Saanich Archives 1993-001-003)


"Heritage" is that which is preserved and passed on to the next generation. Our Heritage Buildings represent the values and culture of our past.

Irvine family, Rose Bank Farm, 1892 (Saanich Archives 1980-017-001)


Search thousands of archival photos online orvisitourreference room in the Saanich Centennial Library for access to pioneer files, oral history interviews, local history books and more.

Last modified: June 04, 2013