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Coat Of Arms

Saanich Municipal Council, 1908 (Saanich Archives 1980-021-003a)

Saanich Coat of Arms

Saanich Coat of Arms

On the Saanich Coat of Arms, the green on the shield represents the fertile soil of the area. The pheasant, the oak tree, and the farmer with his plough remind us that hunting, logging, and farming were an important part of the early life in the Municipality.

The swan, which forms the crest, seems ready to fly to Swan Lake, a lovely preserve of nature surrounded by housing. The Municipal Hall is near Swan Lake.

Not long ago, the black-tailed deer and the cougar ran wild in the area. As "supporters" of the shield, they symbolize the strength of the community.

The blue camas in the swan’s beak and garlanding the deer and cougar is a native flower. It is a reminder of the beauty of our natural and native Indian heritage.

The wreath on the helmet, and the "mantling" flowing from it, are in the traditional colours of Saanich - green and gold.

Saanich has a motto in Latin. You can see it on the ribbon below the shield. "Populo Serviendo" means "Serving the People."

Last modified: December 12, 2012