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Demographic Profile


Demographic information provides a snapshot of a community's population and it's characteristics.  Census information provides the most complete source of demographic information in Saanich and helps us to better understand our community.

The Census is conducted by Statistics Canada every five years. The most recent Census was conducted in May 2011.  Information previously collected by the mandatory long-form census questionnaire is now replaced by the voluntary National Household Survey (NHS), which provides detailed information about the demographic, social and economic characteristics of people living in Canada.

Statistics Canada - Saanich Profile

The following link provides an overview of Saanich demographic statistics, trends over time and a comparision to other municipalities in the region.   

Detailed 2011 Saanich Demographic Data

The following links below provide additional detailed information on Saanich demographic and statistical data from the 2011 Census.

A - Population and Housing Overview

B - Family and Housholds

C - Household Characteristics

D - Housing Characteristics

E - Education

F - Labour Force

G - Transportation

H - Income



Statistics Canada

2011 Census data topics include: Population and dwelling counts; Age and sex; Families, Households and marital status; Structural type of dwelling; and Language.

2011 National Household Survey data topics include: Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity; Education and Labour; Mobility and Migration; Language of work; Income; and Housing.

Capital Regional District (CRD)


Last modified: December 10, 2014