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Starting Spring 2014! Greener Garbage Collection


Posted: March 2013

This is a news article from 2012. The newest information on the Greener Garbage program can be found at the Greener Garbage Collection page

Starting Spring 2014, households that receive garbage collection will start receiving organics recycling collection too. Recycling our organics – kitchen scraps and yard trimmings – will make our community cleaner, greener and more sustainable.

To meet the CRD food waste ban, households will be asked to divert kitchen scraps from their garbage and place them in a separate organics recycling cart. Yard trimmings can also be added to the organics cart for collection every two weeks.

To collect both household garbage and organics recycling efficiently, curbside collection will be introduced using automated collection vehicles to control costs and maximize efficiencies.

What do I need to do now?

Watch your mailbox for information about Greener Garbage Collection, cart size selection and assistance program registration in May and June 2013.

Why Greener Garbage Collection?

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  • Recycling kitchen scraps is the single most effective thing we can do for our environment. Kitchen scraps are the largest single item in our waste stream - making up more than 30% of what we throw away.
  • To meet the region's waste diversion goals, the CRD will be phasing out organic waste at the landfill, with a full ban on kitchen scraps effective January 1, 2015.
  • Recycling kitchen scraps reduces garbage and greenhouse gas emissions, extends the life of the Hartland landfill and turns a valuable resource into a useful product.


Collection Service Costs

To encourage waste reduction, standard, smaller and larger carts compatible with automated collection will be provided. In June 2013, households will be asked to select cart sizes that best meet their needs following a “use less, pay less” fee system which relates to the size of the carts they choose and ensures everyone pays a fair share of waste management costs.

Estimated user fees will range from $155 to $215, depending on the cart sizes selected. Additional carts will be available to households for an additional cart fee. Multi-family households will be provided with additional carts and containers in similar fashion. Saanich will maintain its current sticker and special pick-up programs.

Kitchen Scraps Recycling Goes Beyond Composting

Organics Reycling includes:


Kitchenscrapsrecycling Households that already backyard compost will be encouraged to continue to do so as it is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to dispose of food waste. Kitchen scraps recycling complements backyard composting by accepting a wider range of food waste that may not be suitable for backyard composting such as cooked food, meat, bones, fish, baked goods, food soiled paper and food packaging.

If you’ve been using a garburator, now you can put your kitchen scraps to good use by placing them in your organics recycling cart instead. It’s easy, creates compost and saves wear and tear on your pipes and plumbing too!


Yard Trimmings Will Be Collected Too!

Grass clippings, non-invasive prunings, plants and branches can be added to the organics recycling cart for collection every second week. This provides more opportunities for recycling, added convenience for households and enables further collection efficiencies. Curbside collection of yard trimmings will also reduce vehicle trips, congestion and waiting time at Saanich's Garden Recycling Drop-off.

Moving Carts to the Curb on Collection Day is Made Easy

Curbside Pickup

The carts being provided are designed for easy mobility with large wheels under a stable base to accommodate manoeuvring in difficult weather, surface and grade conditions.

Households will be asked to place their carts at the curb or in the mouth of driveways, oriented so the lids open toward the street on collection day and ensure they do not impede sidewalks, traffic and bicycle lanes.



Assistance Programs will be Provided

Assistance programs will be provided to residents with temporary or permanent mobility challenges who do not have someone to take their carts to the curb for them and if there is no able-bodied person over 18 years of age living in the residence. Solid Waste Services staff will assess each request and work directly with residents to ensure their needs are addressed and a satisfactory level of collection service is provided at no additional cost.

Residents will be able to apply for the assistance program in June 2013 as part of the cart size selection process.

Sustainable Saanich – Sustainable Solutions

Saanich residents will divert an estimated 8,000 tonnes of compostable material from the landfill every year and reduced private vehicles trips to the Garden Recycling Drop-off and fleet replacement will eliminate an estimated 3,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas - significant steps in making our community cleaner, greener and more sustainable.

Next Steps

SaanichcollectionvehicleGreener Garbage Collection will take 12 months to fully implement across the Municipality.

  • In May 2013, watch your mailbox for information about Greener Garbage Collection..
  • In June 2013, watch your mailbox for your cart size selection card and assistance program application.
  • In December 2013, new collection schedules will be available. Garbage and organics recycling will be collected on the same day every second week.
  • In Spring 2014, carts and containers will be delivered to households and curbside collection of garbage and organics recycling will begin.


Kitchen Scraps Recycling Pilot Project


In April 2012, Saanich carried out a three month Kitchen Scraps Recycling Pilot Project to evaluate logistics related to the collection of kitchen scraps and provide opportunities for input from residents on kitchen scraps recycling and collection models. Information about the Kitchen Scraps Pilot Project are summarized in the pilot project report and participant survey results.




Contact Us

If you would like more information, contact Solid Waste Services staff:


Last modified: January 29, 2014