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Saanich WiFi

Saanich welcomes you to conveniently connect with friends and colleagues in our community, using the popular WiFi connection found in many of today's mobile computing devices.

Saanich public wireless access is available free of charge at the following Saanich Locations:

  • Saanich Municipal Hall
  • Saanich Fire Hall #1, #2 and #3
  • Saanich Municipal Works Yard
  • Cedar Hill Recreation Center
  • Cedar Hill Golf Course Clubhouse
  • G.R. Pearks Arena
  • Gordon Head Recreation Center
  • Saanich Commonwealth Place

Saanich WiFi is provided courtesy of the Municipality of Saanich.

What is Saanich WiFi?

Saanich WiFi allows you to access the Internet in designated Saanich wireless connection points areas when using your own mobile device, without having to plug into a physical network port.

Where can I access Saanich WiFi?

Currently Saanich WiFi is available at the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre and Pearkes.

How much does Saanich WiFi cost?

The Saanich WiFi service is provided free to the public.

What do I need to access Saanich WiFi?

  • A WiFi capable device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • A web browser such as Internet Explorer.

How do I connect to Saanich WiFi?

Every wireless device is different, these are general instructions:

  • Set up your wireless device according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Make sure to set your device properties to 'Obtain an IP address automatically' (also known as DHCP).
  • Open your wireless settings and scan for wireless networks.
  • Choose the network with the SSID name "Saanich WiFi". This is case-sensitive.
  • Choose 'activate' or 'connect’,depending your device.
  • Open your web browser and accept the "Terms and Conditions".

What do I do if I experience difficulties connecting?

In order to provide this as a complimentary service there is currently no support helpdesk in place. Please use the following quick tips to help troubleshoot any problems:

  • Shutdown and restart your computer/mobile device.
  • Disable/re-enable wireless.
  • Close all internet browsers and then reopen the browser window.
  • If you think the network isn’t working, report it to a staff member at the reception desk.

Do I need special software or drivers to connect?

While you won't need special software, up-to-date drivers have remedied many connection problems. The drivers included with the card may be several generations old. Updates are usually available on the vendor's website.

Will Saanich staff help me configure my mobile device?

No. Saanich employees are not available to provide technical assistance and no guarantee is given that you will be able to make a wireless connection with your device.

If you are having difficulty connecting to this service, you may need to contact the manufacturer of your device to ensure that your configuration is set up to access this service.

Can I be vulnerable to Viruses while using Saanich WiFi?

Yes, it is recommended that customers install anti-virus/spyware software on your laptop as well as ensuring that virus definitions are current.

Saanich Municipality assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment or for laptop configurations or device configurations, security, or data files resulting from connection to the wireless network.

Are the services for Saanich WiFi secured?

No, the wireless network is not secure. Information sent from or to your laptop could be viewed by someone else using a wireless device and the appropriate software.

For security purposes, it is recommended that your computer does not have file sharing active. Active file sharing allows other users on the network to access your files.

Can I use MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Chat or ICQ on the wireless network?

Yes. MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and ICQ are available on the wireless network.

Are any websites blocked when using Saanich?

Yes. Some website categories we block are:

Gambling, Illegal Drugs, Illegal/Questionable, Nudity, Peer to Peer, Phishing, Pornography, Proxy Avoidance, Spyware/malware, Criminal Activity and Violence/Hate/Racism.

Does the wireless network pose a health hazard?

According to research the wireless network does not pose any health risk. It uses radio signals within a safe spectrum. Visit Health Canada for more information.

Is there a way to provide feedback?

Yes, please email your feedback to

What are Saanich WiFi Terms and Conditions?

Saanich is not liable: Saanich is not responsible or liable for any losses or damages, direct or indirect, arising from any access to or use of the wireless network. Saanich provides wireless network access and use as a privilege, not a right. Accordingly, such access or use may be terminated, restricted or revoked at any time at the sole discretion of Saanich or its representatives for any reason whatsoever. Any person who accesses or uses the wireless service is personally responsible and liable for his or her own actions and use. Access and use of the Internet and email shall be at your own risk.

Internet content may be unreliable or offensive: The Internet offers access to a wealth of material that can be personally and professionally enriching. Be warned, however, that it is an unregulated environment containing information and opinions that range in scope from reliable and authoritative to harmful, controversial, extremely offensive or inflammatory. Some information found on the Internet may not be accurate, complete, or current and may be subject to change without notice. Reliance upon any material on the Internet shall be at your sole risk: all such material should be verified independently before you use or rely on it. Saanich is not responsible or liable for the content or quality of material retrieved and makes no warranty, express or implied, as to any material found on the Internet. In addition, Saanich shall not be held responsible or liable for server, hardware, or software settings, Internet transmission, monitor settings or website design and construction that produce incomplete or inaccurate data, material and information that maybe received and/or displayed on your Internet browser.

Prohibited activities: You shall not use the wireless network to send spam, bulk, and threatening emails or to hack websites, networks, servers, computers or other devices. You shall not contaminate any other computer, device, hardware or software with viruses, worms, spy-ware, phishing, or in any other way.

Third Party Sites: References, links, hyperlinks and advertising contained on any Saanich or third party website are not approval, endorsements, or support of either Saanich for the third party or for the third party's goods and/or services. Saanich is not responsible or liable nor is any responsibility or liability assumed for incompatibility, loss of privacy, invasion of privacy, privacy disputes, non-suitability, viruses, loss of service, or any other problem of any kind arising from or in connection with the third party, the third party's website or the third party's goods and/or services.

Parents responsible for supervising children: Saanich recognizes the concerns about the potential harm caused to minor children when they are exposed to criminal, obscene or hate material on the Internet. Saanich uses reasonable efforts to prevent access to these types of material by providing a filtered wireless network. However, filtering is not a perfect system. Therefore, the supervision of minor children using the Internet while using the Saanich wireless connection points is the responsibility of their parents or guardians.

As with all Internet services, parents and guardians are expected to be, and shall be responsible for providing guidance and control of a minor child's access to and use of the wireless network, email and the Internet while using Saanich wireless connection points. Any restriction or prohibition of a minor's access and use of the wireless network, email or Internet shall be the responsibility and liability of the minor child's parent or guardian.

Last modified: April 14, 2016