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Bid Opportunities

For general information about submitting a bid, or to register for automated email notification of bid opportunities, please see the Vendor Information page. For additional information, and documentation, on each bid please click on the appropriate link below.

In order to make bid results easily and readily available to all, and to thereby eliminate the need for bidders to travel to the District of Saanich Purchasing office to attend the public opening, The District of Saanich will endeavour to post the unofficial (unevaluated) bid results of Quotes and Tenders on our website by 2:00pm the next business day following the official opening. All inquiries regarding results will be referred to that site. Similarly, the award of the contract will be published on the District’s website. The District of Saanich advises that no information regarding the review of the competition or the award of a contract will be disclosed prior to the results being posted to the website. Unless stated otherwise elsewhere in the document only the successful bidder will be contacted at the conclusion of the competition. The District of Saanich would like to thank all bidders for their time and effort in responding to all bidding opportunities.

Declaration of Social and Environmental Practices

The Declaration is a 1 page mandatory submission for suppliers to read and sign as part of their response to RFPs and Tenders with the District. Signing the Declaration allows suppliers to state any convictions against environmental and social legislation they may have had over the past 3 years. The Declaration is not part of any evaluation process, however Saanich may follow up with questions to highlight credibility and good business practices with a supplier, encourage transparency along the supply chain and enhance Saanich’s reputation as a "Green Leader". The Declaration can be viewed here and Declaration Q&A's are available as well.

Interested in learning more or have questions about what the Declaration means for Saanich? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Sustainable Community Planner at sustainability@saanich.ca.

Current Tenders, Quotations, RFP's and Expressions of Interest

Number Title Closing Date
Q 63/15 Backdoor Youth Centre - Kitchen Cabinets Jul 15, 2015 Open
Q 67/15 Supply and Delivery of Work Shirts and Tactical Twill Trousers Jul 8, 2015 Open
Q 69/15 Supply and Delivery of PE Fittings Jun 29, 2015 Open
Q 66/15 Supply and Delivery of Jackets and Slacks Jul 8, 2015 Open
Q 65/15 Supply and Delivery of TShirts and Shorts Jul 8, 2015 Open
Q 64/15 Ltter Bin and Lid Fabrication Jun 24, 2015 Closed
Q 61/15 Replacement Flooring - Cedar Hill Recreation Centre Jul 9, 2015 Open
T 15/15 2015 Storm and Sanitary Replacement PT. 2 Jul 14, 2015 Open
T 21/15 Changeroom Renovations at Cedar Hill Recreation Centre Jul 7, 2015 Open
Q 62/15 Engineered Playground Wood Fibre Jul 3, 2015 Open
T 20/15 Foundation Stabilization - 93 & 91 Lurline Avenue Jul 7, 2015 Open
Q 56/15 Sanding of Squash Court Wood Floor & Painting of Court Lines Jun 25, 2015 Closed
Q 57/15 Demolition of Barn - Quicks Bottom Park Jun 22, 2015 Awarded
Q 58/15 Filtered Water Supply Jun 23, 2015 Closed
Q 59/15 Parking Lot Line Painting Jun 22, 2015 Awarded
RFP 19/15 Refuse Packer Jun 18, 2015 Awarded
Q 52/15 Sale of Surplus Equipment - Smith Machine Squat Rack Jun 17, 2015 Awarded
Q 55/15 Two (2) Only - All Aluminum Dump Inserts Jun 16, 2015 Closed
Q 51/15 Supply and Delivery of Plywood Jun 5, 2015 Awarded
RFP 20/15 Cab and Chassis c/w Aerial Device and Chip Body Jun 24, 2015 Closed
T 19/15 One (1) Only - Single Axle Dump Truck Jun 16, 2015 Awarded
Q 48/15 Tennis Court Marking Jun 9, 2015 Closed
Q 47/15 Fencing - Copley West Tennis Jun 9, 2015 Awarded
T 18/15 Two (2) Only - Cab & Chassis Trucks Jun 4, 2015 Awarded
T 17/15 One (1) Only - Dodge Ram Cargo Van Jun 4, 2015 Awarded
T 14/15 Five (5) Only - Pickup Trucks - 2 Wheel Drive Jun 4, 2015 Awarded
RFP 18/15 Consulting Engineering Services - Rithet Reservoir Drain Design Jun 9, 2015 Closed
Q 33/15 Supply and Delivery of one (1) Triumph Cutter May 28, 2015 Awarded
Q 43/15 Replacement Flooring - Saanich Commonwealth Place May 28, 2015 Awarded
RFP 17/15 Supply and Install of Barracuda Web Filter 610 Jun 3, 2015 Closed
RFP 16/15 Design and Installation of Nimble Storage May 25, 2015 Closed
RFP 14/15 Consulting Engineering Services - Bridge Condition Inventory May 27, 2015 Awarded
Q 37/15 Removal of Concrete Antenna Base at Mt. Douglas Communications Facility Jun 4, 2015 Cancelled
Q 39/15 Supply and Delivery of PE Pipe May 13, 2015 Closed
Q 38/15 Supply and Delivery of Kor Flo Sewer Pipe May 13, 2015 Awarded
T 13/15 Supply of Hot and Cold Mix Asphalt - F.O.B. Plant May 14, 2015 Awarded
T 12/15 Cold Asphalt Milling May 14, 2015 Awarded
RFP 13/15 Consulting Engineering Services - Active and Safe Routes to School May 20, 2015 Closed
RFP 11/15 Fitness Equipment May 21, 2015 Closed
AQ 15/15 Professional Photoghraphy Services May 12, 2015 Awarded
T 10/15 Construction of Concrete Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk May 14, 2015 Awarded
T 09/15 Asphalt Paving Works May 12, 2015 Awarded
RFP 10/15 Design and Contract Administration for the Grange and Wilkinson Sewage Lift Stations Apr 22, 2015 Awarded
Q 20/15 Supply and Delivery of Waste Collection Bins Apr 9, 2015 Awarded
T 05/15 Quadra Street Watermain and Sanitary Sewer Upgrade Apr 21, 2015 Awarded
T 02/15 Construction of Austin Pump Station Mar 11, 2015 Closed


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